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Ten Greatest Songs To (Not) Clean The House To


Maybe I’m getting a bit too radical feminist-y. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Germaine Greer, Sandra Bartky, Inga Muscio and SCUM Manifesto. Maybe the patriarchy shit sucks a bit more than usual. Maybe I’m being hysterical. Maybe I’m on my rags and should just calm the fuck down and have some chocolate and cry about the fact that Hanna and Adam were So Totally Perfect For Each Otherrrrr!
I take issue with a seemingly feminist leaning blog page, Mammamia, putting up a ‘greatest songs to clean the house to’ play list. Sure, women still do the majority of unpaid domestic labour, but let’s not perpetuate that shit by making it fun! I dunno. Maybe I’m just being politically naïve and idealistic when I think we should boycott all of that mumsy “I enjoy cleaning once I put on some cute indie pop rock!” post-feminist lets all have it all bullshit. So this is my counter play-list of kick arse songs to NOT clean the house to.

Caught Out There – Kelis

Yeah, I know, When you think Kelis you think Milkshake, don’t you? BUT in this she kicks some serious arse (1:22). I especially like the parade of angry women marching through suburbia against all their low-life, cheating bastard boyfriend/husbands. Perfect break up song for the modern angry feminist. Perfect song to NOT do the vacuuming to.

212 – Azelia Banks

Ugly Boy – Skunk Anansie
Another angry girl song from an awesome, underrated kick arse band! This film clip is also really well done. Sexy and violent. It’s also dancey, so you can jump on furniture if you so wish. (Other songs by Skunk Anansie that are worth a listen are ‘Intellectualise My Blackness’ and ‘I Can Dream.’

Can’t Hold Us Down – Christina Aguilera
This one is a bit of a blast from the past for me. You know how people love the 80’s? I think I love the 00’s. With some cool similarities to Kelis’ earlier clip, Ladies Rise Up!

Sheela Na Gig – PJ Harvey
Look At These My Ruby Red Ruby Lips ❤

Round Round – Sugababes
I bet you thought a radical angry feminist wouldn’t put this on an Anti-Housework play list, didn’t you? Refer to this: (

So What – Pink
Pink is Badass and a self proclaimed ‘Reformed Slut’ and I think that’s cool.

Bang – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Oasis – Amanda Palmer
I love Amanda PalmerImage

Doll Parts – Hole
In this book called “Why You’re Not Married Yet” there was a section called ‘You’re Crazy’ and it says that if you often reveal your ‘inner Courtney Love’ men are going to be turned off big time and you’re going to grow old and die alone in a puddle of cats. Well, I think unleashing your Inner Courtney Love sounds like fun! Why not be crazy!

I Want To Be The Girl With The Most Cake.


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