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Gender & Artificial Intelligence in Videogames: The Threat of the Omnipotent Robot Mother. (Right Up My Alley!) Stay Tuned, As I Intend To Blog About Evil Robot Femininity Very Soon.

Hard Consonant

This was my first article for Unwinnable after Stu Horvath recruited me at the Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. It went up in March, and I loved the illustrations made by the talented Chris Martinez (@drakelake). Since then I’ve pitched some of my most daft ideas to Stu and he’s never once batted an eyelid. I have a thing I say to Stu. I say to him, “I have this crazy thing if you want it. If it’s shit, don’t put it up. Please, if it’s shit, don’t put it up.” He always puts my articles up. Either we both have really shit taste, or the stuff I do is okay. Thanks, Stu.

Imagine if your mother became your worst enemy. Imagine, if you will, that she is everywhere at once, controlling your every move, making sure you ate a certain thing, went certain places, picked up…

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My name is Ruby and I'm a Gender Studies major at the University of Tasmania, Australia, with a special interest in gender, sexuality and technology. I also enjoy books with a bit of attitude, American TV with sex, violence and preferably a car chase, tea with no sugar, and a flawless WiFi connection.

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