Welcome to ‘Rise Of The Fembots‘, a blog dedicated to all things regarding gender issues, feminism and technology.

Humans have always been set apart from other life forms by our abilities to create, manipulate and utilise technologies, ranging from weapons, tools, vehicles, medical and scientific technologies and most recently,  information and communication technologies. In turn, the technology we create also shapes who we are and defines human cultures and civilisations. However, there are some patriarchal systems that have historically disassociated women from science and technologies, placing them in a position of otherness across all human societies, arguably until only recently.

I aim to use this blog to discuss how gender is shaped and constructed in relation to technology. Drawing on feminist perspectives, I will examine how men and women are socialised around different forms of technology and what this has to say about contemporary (and perhaps past) gender roles, norms and structures.

This blog is called ‘Rise Of The Fembots’ because I aim to explore how technology, which is often categorised as masculine, can be embraced by women and feminists in a way that is positive, productive and liberating.

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